ATAG Benelux

ATAG Benelux is a market leading supplier of kitchen appliances and has over 2.500 resellers in the Benelux. The Dutch company sells under the brands ATAG, Pelgrim, ETNA and ASKO. All brands have a high brand awareness in the Benelux. ATAG sells their products through kitchen & electronics retailers and through the kitchen industry.

The Challenge

As ATAG Benelux sells their products through an indirect channel, all resellers manage and control their own websites. ATAG therefore has no possibility to distribute their product and marketing content with the local customer network of the resellers. ATAG Benelux has lots of beautiful product content and video’s, while the resellers are having difficulties to fulfill the online information need of the consumer.

The challenge for Virtual Retail was to find a solution to create a large online marketing reach for ATAG Benelux and thereby also activate the consumer to create more physical store traffic for their resellers.

The Solution

The online presentation is crucial in the consumers’ decision whether or not to visit a showroom. Therefore, Virtual Retail created a virtual showroom using 360 virtual tours for ATAG dealers integrated in their website. This way we created an optimal online presentation platform for the reseller to attract more visitors to their showroom.

Using the Virtual Retail Platform we can easily collect the branded ATAG product & video content and locally distribute it to the digital showrooms of the resellers. This way we create a large online marketing reach for ATAG Benelux and unburden the resellers to keep their website up-to-date. Via our dashboard ATAG has insight in the results of their through-channel marketing.


– More than 1.000 virtual showroom views per month on Google for each reseller
– Average bounce rate below 5%
– Consumers view 7,33 kitchens per session
– Average time spent in virtual showrooms 2 minutes and 24 seconds

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