Quantore is a cooperative and one of the largest players in the Benelux in the field of office supplies. Over 450 self-employed office supplies retailers are affiliated with the organization. Their core activity is wholesale in office supplies with a revenue of 150 million euros and an assortment of 23.000 articles.

The Challenge

In its role as a cooperative, Quantore does not only support its members with good purchasing conditions and reliable logistics, but also in the commercial field. Quantore supports in various ways from in- and outdoor signing and branding to radio campaigns. However, it is a bit more difficult to help their members online.

As all members manage and control their own websites. It was difficult for Quantore to create online brand uniformity and help their members online. Quantore was missing a tool to publish content to the member website. Meanwhile, the members are having a hard time to keep their website up-to-date and fulfill the customer’s need for online information and inspiration.

The Solution

We wanted to increase organic traffic through Google and increase engagement of the visitors on the website, while unburdening the members to keep their website up-to-date. We optimized the Google profiles of 120 members and massively increased the organic traffic and conversion to store traffic and calls. We used our Virtual Retail Platform to increase engagement and conversion on the member websites.

With our Virtual Retail Platform we connected the local members by integrating a Quantore microsite into their websites. Then we activate the local members by pushing the newest marketing & product content into their website, in the form of an inspiring magazine and bannering. We ultimately convert the consumer to a purchase in the webshop or a store visit and measure & report all results throughout the entire process in our dashboard.


– Total views of Quantore members on Google increased 140%
– Total website visits from Google profiles increased 29%
– Total physical store visits from Google increased 28%
– Total calls to stores from Google increased 24%

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