Why we do what we do

We truly believe that the physical retail store will always remain the key player in the shopping experience

In the past two decades 80% of all consumer orientation has shifted from offline to online. Online visibility is therefore of great importance. However, more than 90% of all products are still bought in or picked up at physical retail stores. We believe that retail channels should cooperate online and use the internet to get the consumer to the physical stores.

How we do it

As 75% of world trade flows through indirect channels (WTO), it is very important that channels, partnerships, and alliances cooperate online with through-channel marketing. Sales and marketing have to transform and be anchored around effective partner management.

This will connect all stakeholders in the channel and combine their strengths to maximize revenue opportunities and optimize the processes from market to delivery of the entire chain.

What we do

Virtual Retail has created a platform to connect the entire retail chain by making an onlineĀ  connection between the distributor, the vendors and the local resellers. This way we can connect the entire chain to the local customers and exploit the local marketing reach of the resellers.

We connect the local resellers to the brand by integrating a virtual store (virtual experience or branded microsite) into their websites. Then we activate the local partners by pushing the newest marketing & product content into their websites. We ultimately convert the consumer to an online or offline purchase and measure all results throughout the entire channel.